The Adverse Affects of Getting Banned From Facebook

The Adverse Affects of Getting Banned From Facebook

Facebook as we all know has the sensibilities of a  12 year old Mormon boy when it comes to explicit content in determining what is appropriate for your peers to see. Any mention of female health issues or even any sexual of explicit content is without fail quickly removed and you are given a cyber slap on the wrist. This has been the case for many breast cancer organizations as well as satirical cartoonists. The outcome isn’t usually sever in itself, however once you are flagged you have a massive target on your back and anything you put out there after is going to under the lens on the machine that is Facebook, whose reach is nearly limitless. Consider the fact that this could be the case if you posted content that was adversely commenting on Facebook itself and they took issue with it and removed your content, what could you do ? Although it is a matter of free speech in a sense because they are the largest means of communication within this format, its a private company that has the means to filter what ever, whenever they want, without any justification or even consistency with what is wrong. This is redefining what we consider when we think of an open virtual spacekjlkj

All of this doesn’t seem some bad on the surface, you don’t like Facebook and the way it conducts their business don’t use it. Its a free country and you can go to whatever lengths you want to ensure you are happy and feel you are autonomous. The problem is, is that it is not that easy when it comes to Facebook and the professionally devastating consequences they can have on your professional career. It may sound like a joke but its not; this Orwellian nightmare that is Facebook can effectively ruin your career all on the whim that you did something that was not appropriate for users. As I have stated the standard is low, and you can get the boot for little more than a naked cartoon. People who repeatedly post things that aren’t allowed on Facebook will likely have their accounts permanently disabled, as well as being bared from opening any future accounts. Facebook adheres to an antiquated sense of morality that has been pervasive to the American landscape. However, Americans and Canadians make up less than 15% of all world wide users.

It is estimated that Facebook will have 5 billion users by 2030 and they aim to have partnerships with governments and different companies all over the world. This is an alarming thing when you consider that the internet being the greatest means for free speech is now becoming a fearful and though policed enterprise. The problem is, is that the world is changing and in America we are progressing in fields of civil rights every day. However, if Facebook’s banning policy which suggests that women’s bodies are inappropriate or that trans people are not allowed to change their names it is scary to consider the implications that people may also adopt these biases as being the norm and even support them.

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